In Longdong loess plateau slope cropland of ridge and furrow tillage experiment

in the west of Tiananmen, near the Zhongnanhai where the high school, now called the 28, called before the founding Arts school. From the beginning of the late thirty’s, the arts high school in Beijing, sports enthusiasts in mind, enjoy a certain reputation. This fall is not due to the school’s athletic performance is very good, like Yuying, Huiwen, Zhicheng and secondary schools in the north, as has a number of well-known athletes, and the main is because they are often organized basket volleyball game, has attracted many viewers. At the age of 50 on the old Beijing fans, few people have not been watching the arts school. At that time, as long as that day strike, place in quasi art, right.
In Longdong loess plateau slope cropland of ridge and furrow tillage experiment, study the furrow and ridge tillage and water soil conservation effect and the slow soil nitrogen and phosphorus loss, improve the effect of soil moisture content and yield of winter wheat. Studies have shown that hillside ditch and ridge tillage can make the runoff, erosion amount decreased by 95. 1, 96. 5 percentage points respectively, soil erosion times reduction of 2 8 times, nitrogen (n), phosphorous (P 2O 5) keep shunt loss were reduced by 185 0.72, 2 11.5 3kg\/hm2, soil containing water increased 0.2 7 ~ 0.96 percent, significantly improve the biological characters of winter wheat and increase yield 95.2.3kg\/hm2.
inscription: all education from emotion, only the motives of the exchange, with the education of love, to make education into the student’s heart, and education process is long, but not immediately, can see the effect of, only wait quietly, I believe next season there are flowers. As the second (9) class teacher, I noticed her – Zi Meng (a pseudonym), in class, she is always weak and unstable standing. In class, she is always lying on the table, be in the blues. Later, I learned that the child’s dream parents had long been divorced, since the childhood is the grandfather with big. My father was busy with work, no time to communicate with the children, the children do not place just beaten.